Vienna, Hofburg Imperial Palace, May 24 & 25


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Italy will participate with Italian promising tech Startups.
Meet them at the ITA TRADE-AGENCY booth (first floor - in front of the Arena).



logo BioErg NextDext BIOERG
BIOerg has developed a high molecular-weight Dextran with its fermentation technology with a specific protected microbial strain (as described into the international patent PCT/EP2014/000360 - B0497WO). NEXTDEXT® is the name of the brand for next-generation dextran: a natural ingredient applied as tichkener, stabilizer, emulsifier, prebiotic for nutraceuticals and functional food and as bioflocculant. NEXTDEXT® is a microbial biodegradable and biocompatible HoPS, based on alpha-1,6 glycosidic linkages on the main chain, able to modulate rheological properties of mixtures and it may be used to replace or reduce more expensive hydrocolloids. NEXTDEXT should be the right choice for a multitasking natural ingredient with prebiotic effect, useful also to obtain microcapsule for targeted drug delivery. The trend of nutraceutical market is based on ‘personalised nutrition’, with particular attention to personalised microbiome (mapping the human gut microbiome). Our aim to demonstrate the effects of using dextran as prebiotic ingredient and to compare its activity with the others actually present into the market, to find out new business opportunities. We explore new applications for high molecular weight native dextran powder (NEXTDEXT), such as (1) prebiotics for nutraceuticals, (2) gluten-free thickener, emulsifier and stabilizer for functional food, and (3) bio flocculant for water treatment. Dextran itself is not a new substance, but unique patents based on high-molecular Dextran were applied and/or granted recently. Even global conglomerates still research Dextran for their new developments. We will keep seeking new opportunities with our next-generation Dextran NEXTDEXT® due to low cost of the final product despite of actual market prices. Competitive strategy is based both on market advantage (close competitive environment), because NEXTDEXT is differently positioned - it is not an additive but an ingredient (in line with UE trend of clean label) – and on maximum differentiation, because NEXTDEXT® is an ingredient and a prebiotic at the same time.

logo Brandorbi BRANDORBI
Brandorbi created the first phygital influence marketingBrandorbi created the first phygital influence marketingplatform in the sharing economy market sector. Ourmarketplace gathers together brands, as much as consumers(the hosts), to create vibrant happening events brandcentered.Brandorbi stands out as a superior marketingcommunication channel in B2C, or better, in C2B: we bringbrands at the core of the customer experience by using aphygital influencing market strategy. Through the platform, infact, consumers (the physical influencers) celebratehappening events in their own locations together withfriends centered on a brand. The platform and matchingalgorithms are proprietary. Brandorbi, is a game changer in thesharing as well as influencer market sector. We create a newservice by mixing together the digital world of advertisingwith the physical dimension of human touch andinterpersonal relationships. The platform enables eventbooking and surveys, where the brand can see highly profilatedphygital influencers cards, (including their passion and interests,up to their locations and trasparent prices) which are alreadycommitted and available to organize an all-inclusive event forthe brand and welcome him. The brand can send the bookingrequest in one click and get the influencer event management,the location, the food&beverage and the range of participantsinvited by the influencer.Brandorbi’s vision is to become a new communication mediabetween brands (of any size) and consumers, based on abalanced relationship between all the players in the loop, thePublic Relations 4.0.A great number and variety of brands will benefit from ourdisruptive business model. Since its creation, Brandorbi (whichmeans Brand Everywhere) was thought as a global platform.Our business model, currently active in Italy brings togetherpeople from different regions to experience brand-dedicatedevents which would not have been possible otherwise. Thisimpact only becomes greater when applied to the EU dimensionas a whole: creating a new “media” to add to the marketing mixof communication and advertising, exploiting the spread ofsharing economy and being a bridge between businesses andprivate users from different countries and contexts.

logo Citynsider CITYNSIDER

Have you ever found yourself lost in a new city without knowing where to go, for example, to eat or drink something? There is too much information on the web which is, most of the times, non-tailored to you! Therefore, we created Citynsider, a community of young and curious travelers that share local tips on cities they lived in. Thanks to our algorithm and platform, we will automatically create bespoke guides based on the user’s taste and needs. We provide you with few and tailored tips, exactly as when you as a trusted friend for advice.

logo Clairy CLAIRY

Clairy is the first producer of air purifiers truly based on nature, technology and design. Clairy’s products monitor and improve the indoor air quality. is an American company born from an Italian startup, Laboratori Fabrici. Clairy presented its first product at CES Las Vegas in 2016 and was then incubated for 3 months in Silicon Valley by Plug and Play Ventures, one of the most important accelerators in the world. The company focuses on health and wellness, by developing hybrid products that combine nature, technology and Made in Italy Design.

logo D Eye D-EYE

D-EYE aims to revolutionize medical retinal screening with a low-cost smartphone-based kit. The device allows to get images of the retina quickly, while the app manages the data storage integrated with patient’s medical record. Today, D-EYE is developing telemedicine and AI services to help the detection of common retinal diseases such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Founded in 2015 after winning the Premio Applico, D-EYE got a seed fund from Innogests, Invitalia Venture, Fondazione Cottino and M31. Recently, D-EYE received several international awards including Premio Gaetano Marzotto.

logo EnerBrain ENERBRAIN

Enerbrain makes buildings smart by way of an intelligent system capable of cutting energy consumption by 30%. Fully compatible with all HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems, the Enerbrain system is based on environmental sensors that monitor humidity, temperature, CO2 levels, pressure and VOC to obtain ideal comfort to then improve energy efficiency. Enerbrain reduces consumption by combining existing systems with an actuator that enables the right indoor conditions.

This solution is for large non-residential buildings such as schools, airports, shopping malls, hospitals. The system is scalable, while maintaining unified and monitored management in an analytical dashboard.

logo evja EVJA
EVJA is an Italian startup operating in the Smart Agriculture market. Our product, OPI, is a hardware/software Decision Support System for farmers, based on sensors and predictive models. The sensors installed on the fields collect all the relevant microclimate data and show it in real time to the farmer, on PC and mobile. Predictive algorithms suggest when to irrigate and use fertilizers and pesticides. Farmers can be helped by specific alerts set for critical events like diseases and weather conditions. We apply top-notch Internet of Things technology to agriculture, to make it smart. We also have developed the first predictive model for lettuce and rocket diseases. Everything is packed in a smart and easy-to-use interface.

logo Fluida FLUIDA

Fluida is the first Liquid Workforce Management solution, for manage employees and freelancers on a single cloud platform. Current solutions available in the market are not adequate in the working context which is quickly changing. The number of companies that are born and grow in a dynamic context are increasing. Our business will be to provide an agile and scalable tool to manage the relationship between the company and its workforce supported by AI. We also use Blockchain as a notary certifying for collected data and for verification of its integrity within time and independently of the application.

 logo Hoppipolla

INDEPENDENT CULTURE IN YOUR MAILBOX: Hoppípolla is a subscription service, to receive every month a box of selected products made bycreative people: design objects, independent publishings, illustrated products, musicalsuggestions and little surprises.Prepare yourself to be amazed: get Hoppípolla and discover the products that we select for you!

A SURPRISE IN YOUR MAILBOX: Hoppípolla isa box full of selected products to surprise you and let you discover newcreative people and projects.

DIRECTLY TO YOUR DOOR: Every month Hoppípolla will come to your house with its load of surprises: subscribeto 1, 3 or 6 months and be inspired!

A DIFFERENT EYE OF THINGS: Independent projects, bold and different, which we fell in love with and we want toshare with you.

CONNECT WITH US AND SHARE: Take a picture and share your Hoppípolla on social networks: find us on Facebook and Instagramas and use the hashtag #hoppipollabox

 logo LittleSea LITTLE SEA

In a world that is collecting data from many use cases, Littlesea is a startup that developed a patented web base software that automatically transforms data into highly communicative videos. Through a smart platform called Babelee, companies can create a massive number of high professional personalized videos, instantly, just connecting scenes with any type of database. Videos are generated in different formats, to be delivered in any online channel at a massive scale.

logo Invictus Nextwin NEXTWIN

INVICTUS is a trading bot based on AI able to create alternative investment strategy leveraging on big data related to sports events. We look at data coming from the real world adding statistical concepts such us the wisdom of the crowd to develop predictive models using AI. INVICTUS is a real investment advisor able to mix risk management and ROI of each registered user according to the characteristics chosen during the on-boarding process. The algorithm selects the best strategy and do also money management related to the intermediate results with the aim to get higher results then the stock market. Our proprietary algorithm INVICTUS is based on a continuously growing customer base and improves its reliability through the latter. So, we are not a marketplace but a statistical algorithm applied to betting instead of stock market.

logo Unico UNICO

UNICO is a solution platform to create digital scarcity. We create provable digital scarcity by linking a piece of digital content to a fixed number of access tokens that we issue on the EOS blockchain. We can turn premium digital content (images, videos, 3D models, immersive AR/VR tours, games, …) into limited-edition, blockchain-certified collectibles. Our targets are Collectors and Investors interested in buying and trading quality digital collectibles and Digital Content Creators Artists, performers, emerging talents, strong brands, celebrities and legal entities managing content rights.

 logo ValidActor VALIDACTOR
Validactor with its massive product’s serialization technology fightsValidactor with its massive product’s serialization technology fightsany form of counterfeiting, protects products and brands, profilescustomers spending habits, delivers a totally innovative loyaltyprogram and focuses on the different “Made in...” productions. Inaddition, Validactor’s offering includes custom messaging, advancedcustomer services, sales portals and Big Data related services.Validactor solutions are fully customizable and can be used in anymarket and vertical regardless of product’s type. There is no need forspecial hardware or costly training sessions. Validactor tools can bequickly mastered so that companies can immediately start protectingtheir products.Product Statuses, Recall Management, Diversions, Lost&FoundManagement, Allergen Management and a totally flexible andcustomizable database integrates the Validactor offering.Validactor SRLEmail info@validactor.comWeb +39 (335) 407598 (Dino Sergiano)Validactor is mainly looking for customers and distributors worldwide

logo Youbiquo YOUBIQUO

Youbiquo is an Italian company that offers users see-through wearable displays. Our mission is to design and deliver wearable computing devices to meet the growing needs of connectivity and information exchange for hands free highly specialized activities. Founded at the end of 2013 and headed by a team of veterans in new technologies and marketing, Youbiquo has developed its own Smart Glasses, Talens, a fully customizable eyewear equipped with a Personal Assistant Software and ‘state of the art’ hardware. Our solution is ready to be used in maintenance and logistic activities.



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